Mass Times

Saturday: 6:00pm

Sunday:  English: 7:30am and 9:00am

Polish: 11:00am (1st, 3rd & 5th Sunday of the Month)

Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday & Saturday: 9:00am  

Thursday: 7:00pm

Reconciliation (Confession):  Saturday: 8:30am-9:00am                               5:15pm-5:45pm

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The Parish and the Salvatorians
1961 - 1979

We are in the unique position of not being able to relate the story of our parish without it being interwoven with the story of the Society of the Divine Saviour, the Salvatorians, who have been part of our life since the inception of the parish in 1961.

In February, 1956 the Archbishop of Perth, the Most Reverend Redmond Prendiville wrote to the Superior General of the Salvatorian Fathers, Father Bonaventure Schweizer inviting the Society to establish a foundation in the Archdiocese of Perth at Bellevue. Father General accepted the Archbishop’s invitation and the Salvatorian Fathers undertook the care of our parish on June 23rd, 1961 when our first Parish Priest, Father Paul Keyte SDS arrived from England to meet his flock. 

Mass was held in the St Anthony’s Primary School in Beaconsfield Avenue, Midvale while the priests made their home in an old house in Darlington. In the first two years following his arrival, Father Paul was joined by Brother Reimar Noerz and Father Declan Chesterton, Brother Reimar being an accomplished cook and tailor and Father Declan an accomplished carpenter and teacher, who taught religion in Government schools and built just about anything that was needed around the parish. 

Under their guidance the parish grew with many pastoral groups being formed, social events being organised and sports teams competing in the district and the school growing under the guidance of the Daughters of Charity. Father Declan formed a Scout and Cub group and the “den” was built at St Anthony’s School, a building which was to have many diverse uses over the next 30 years. In 1966, the young Father Laurence arrived to begin his long and invaluable service to the parish and in December the long awaited opening of our church in Robinson Road, Bellevue took place.

In 1968, the Daughters of Charity had to withdraw from the parish and the school unfortunately had to close for a short while. Due to ill health, Father Paul was unable to continue as Parish Priest and retired to a chaplaincy at Trinity College. Father Liam Talbot arrived as the new Parish Priest in 1969 and towards the end of the year there was much rejoicing as the Sisters of St Joseph agreed to staff the school so it was able to reopen in 1970.

In 1973 Father Joe Caldwell took up residence in the parish, which was growing smoothly, extra land was purchased near the school for future use.

Father Liam left us in November, and Father Laurence took over the reins to lead us over the next very busy nine years. Father Cormac Coyne joined us at Bellevue in February, 1976 and Brother Reimar left to go to America. Major alterations were made to the church sanctuary and the school had enough pupils to go to 7 straight grades. Tennis courts were built at the school and the parish tennis club was formed.

In 1977 the first suggestions were made to move the church to a more central position in the parish. Originally the suggestion was to move to Swan View but on consideration it was decided to move the church and presbytery to a site at Blackboy Hill in Greenmount.

The Parish and the Salvatorians
1979 - 2000

The first two Polish Salvatorian priests, Father Kazimierz Stuglik and Father Andrew Pyka arrived in 1979 and in 1981 a firm offer was made to purchase the church land in Robinson Road. Under Father Laurence’s tireless work plans were underway for the new church at Blackboy Hill and on 10th May, 1982 an outdoor Mass was held on the site. In 1981 we were joined by two more Polish Salvatorians in Fr Emil Jarco and Father John Liszka. Due to the sale of the Bellevue land, Mass was again held in St Anthony’s school until the opening of the new church in 1983. The new Church and presbytery was opened by The Most Reverend Archbishop Sir Lancelot Goody on February 5th, 1983. In 1983 St Anthony’s School appointed their first lay principal, Mr Terry Palmer who replaced Sister Monica. Sister Philomena stayed on at the school until the end of 1984 and it was with sadness that we said goodbye to the Sisters who had been with us for so long. With the move to the new site in Greenmount, the parish continued to grow, the area around the church and presbytery were developed and parish activities flourished. We were saddened in January, 1984 to hear of the death of Father Paul who passed away in Esperance and was buried at Midland cemetery. Also in January Father Aloysius McDonagh was appointed the first Regional Superior of the Australian Region. In December Father Laurence ended his years at the parish and Father Kazimierz Stuglik was appointed the new Parish Priest. In 1986 the parish celebrated the 25th Anniversary of the parish and the arrival of the Salvatorians. A concelebrated Mass followed by parish social was held, and one of our many guests was Brother Reimar who visited us from America. In November of 1986 we joined with the Catholic population of WA to celebrate Mass with His Holiness, John Paul II at Belmont racecourse. The beginning of 1987 marked another milestone with the beginning of St Anthony’s School’s relocation to Greenmount which was to continue until 1993 when the whole school finally settled at their new site.

In 1988 Fathers Jan Socha and Ignacy Pawlus visited the parish to meet the priests and people in preparation for the transfer of the parish from the British to the Polish Province which took place on April 30th. In October we welcomed three young priests from Poland, Fathers Emil Ciecierega, Janusz Mazurek and Krzysztof Gebski who lived and worked at Greenmount while studying English. At the end of the year Father Kaz moved to Esperance and Father Andrew Pyka became Parish Priest in January, 1989. At the end of the year 4 more young Salvatorians, Fathers Stanislaw Bendkowski, Leonard Macionczyk, Krzysztof Kowalczyk and Zygmunt Wloczek joined us and they have all gone on to bigger things. In 1991 they were joined by Fathers Boguslaw Loska and Miroslaw Redwanc and in August the parish joined the rest of the Archdiocese in sending congratulations to Archbishop Barry James Hickey on his new appointment.

The parish travelled smoothly over the next few years with many committees and groups organising liturgical and social functions enjoyed by many parishioners.

Junior and Senior youth groups were formed, Anthonycare was organised in the parish which has helped many families over the years and we received many Salvatorian visitors from overseas including Brother Dominic from Taiwan who lived with us for a year before his ordination in December, 1993. Many parishioners joined with the Midland parish in worshipping at the Adoration Chapel and in 1993 we celebrated the Year of the Indigenous People, followed in 1994 by celebrations for Year of Family.

In 1994 Father Karol Szojda moved to the parish from Tanzania. He left to become Parish Priest of Carnarvon but due to ill health he returned to Greenmount in 1995 and passed away in April 1996. Fathers Bronislaw Pietrusewicz, Jerzy Kolodziej and Tadeusz Seremet joined us from Poland in 1994 In 1997 Father Andrew left to become Parish Priest of Balcatta. Fr Zygmunt Wloczek became Parish Priest and we were joined by Fathers Franciszek Kot and Marian Brzozowski, and in October by Fr Karol Kulczycki. In January 1998 Father Boguslaw Loska was installed as Parish Priest and in June the Salvatorian Community and the parish celebrated the 150th Anniversary of the birth of Father Francis Jordan, founder of the Salvatorians with a Mass concelebrated by Archbishop Hickey and a dinner for parishioners hosted by the Salvatorians.

The Parish and the Salvatorians
2000 - 2006

In 2000 the Parish celebrated the Jubilee year. Due to a lot of hard work and fund raising by parishioners, our very beautiful Grotto was built and landscaped. It was blessed by Father Bogus on the Feast of the Epiphany 2001. In January 2001 Father Stanislaw Bendkowski joined us as Parish Priest, with Fr Leonard Macionczyk as Assistant Priest. During 2001 the parish celebrated the 40th anniversary of the Parish and Salvatorians in Australia with a Mass concelebrated by Archbishop Barry Hickey who was joined by the Provincials of the English and Polish Provinces and all our Salvatorian Priests serving in Australia. A large crowd of current and former parishioners joined us for the night, and all had a tremendous time.

Father Leonard joined Lumen Christi as a chaplain in 2001, and as his work load increased he could not give as much time as he wanted to the Parish, and his position as assistant priest was taken by Fr Adam Babinski who joined us in January 2003 to work in the Parish. 

In 2004 Fr Dominic Su joined the parish community as Assistant Priest. Father Dominic is from Taiwan and has been living in Australia for a year as Assistant Priest at Carnarvon. It is like ‘coming home’ for him to return to Greenmount however, as he spent the year with us as a student learning English in 1992 to 1993.

The end of 2004 was a very exciting time for the Salvatorian Fathers in Australia. Our first two Novices were received into the Society of the Divine Saviour in December 2004. Michael Cornell and Philip Vostan joined their new Novice Master, Father Chris Kowalczyk who had returned to Australia at the beginning of 2004, at the Salvatorian Novice House in Greenmount. A very large number of parishioners and collaborates joined the priests in the celebration on December 8th.

At the beginning of 2005, Father Stan left us to become Parish Priest at Merredin and Father Dominic became the Chaplain for the Chinese Community in Perth. Father Karol Kulczycki joined us as Parish Priest and Father Chris combined his duties as Novice Master and became the Assistant Priest to the Parish.

Liturgical Life

  • Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament >   Thursday: 9:00am to 7:00pm
  • Divine Mercy Chaplet >   Wednesday: 8:30am
  • Rosary > Tue: 8:30am;   Thu: 7:00pm;   Fri - Sat: 8:30am
  • Reconciliation >   Saturday: 10:00am to 10:30am & 5:15pm to 5:45pm or by request
  • Prayer for Vocations >   1st Thursday of the month: 7:00pm