Mass Time

Weekday Masses
9:00 am - Mon, Tue, Wed
7:30 pm - Thu
9:00 am - Fri, Sat

Sunday Masses
6:00 pm - Sat Vigil
7:30 am; 9:00 am; 6:00 pm
10:30 am - Polish Mass

Church Booking: Twelve months notice to the parish of an intended marriage would be ideal. A minimum of six months is required. Our church is not available for weddings on Good Friday, Holy Saturday or Christmas day. The latest time for a wedding on Saturdays and Sundays is 3.30pm.

Preparation for Marriage: Early notice of marriage enables couples to go through this preparation in a relaxed way before attention is absorbed by the details of the wedding day. The Catholic Church sees marriage as a life long union between husband and wife. It stands to reason that where such a step is being considered proper preparation take place beforehand. The preparation offered will touch on all aspects of married life. Couples contemplating marriage are asked to be part of: Marriage Preparation Course. Information about those cources will be avaliable on the inicial meeting with the priest.

Follow up Sessions: Please arrange an appointment with the priest six months prior to your wedding day. Each of these sessions complements the other and gives each couple a good foundation for married life.

Couples NEED to provide a Birth Certificate and Baptismal Certificate.

Liturgical Life

  • Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament >   Thursday: 9:00am to 7:00pm
  • Divine Mercy Chaplet >   Wednesday: 8:30am
  • Rosary >   Mon - Tue: 8:30am;   Thu: 7:00pm;   Fri - Sat: 8:30am
  • Reconciliation >   Saturday: 10:00am to 10:30am & 5:15pm to 5:45pm or by request
  • Prayer for Vocations >   1st Thursday of the month: 7:00pm